Jim Feldkamp Captures Nature in a Unique Way

The term Nature Photography denotes a large category of photography that deals with the great outdoors and natural occurring elements. Nature photography pleases a person’s visual sense because it can persistently capture both the complexity and simplicity of beauty in nature.

Some themes of Nature Photography would be animals and wildlife, flowers, plants or trees, snakes, spiders, and insects, seascapes, landscapes and other land formations. Photographic interpretations can array from closeups to large panoramic triptych style photographs or thrilling macro photography. Unlike Fine Art Photography and documentary photography which deal with artist point of view or a subject matter, Nature Photography generally aim to be more artistically pleasing. According to Jim Feldkamp, Nature Photography tries to express the attractiveness of its subject through depth, color and perspective.

Nature Photography is a very wide-ranging term and so comprises many subsections. Some of the more popular groupings and subjects are Landscapes, Wildlife, Seascapes, Plants and many more.

Wildlife photography contends with the animal kingdom, from dung beetles to elephants, Penguins to Pot Bellied Pigs, Salmon to Sharks. Wildlife photographers try to take hold of their subjects in their normal behavior and natural habitats.

Landscape Photography by Jim Feldkamp aims to seize the outstanding nature of our surrounding. The subjects of landscape photographers are generally mountains, land masses and mountain ranges, sunsets and cloud formations, coastal vistas and waterfalls. The presence of humans is generally void from landscape photos in effort to capture the fresh beauty of a scene unrestricted by man’s hand.

Seascape Photography by James Feldkamp seeks to capture the marine and its many faces. The presence of animals or humans in seascape photography is neither prohibited nor required. There are many attractive panoramic views of the ocean witha boat or a whale present. Seascapes also are associated to the beach scene category which would include water, beaches, tropical scenes, coastline and maybe a sunset.

Plant photography deals with all types of plant life, from trees to moss, from flowers to vegetables. Plant photography generally deals with zooms, macro photography and still shots. Extreme closeups and flowers are a prevalent theme of plant photography.

Nature Photography is a large grouping unto its self as all the many sub categories could theoretically be labelled Nature Photography as they evidently fall under the canopy of Nature.

Nature photography permits one’s subconscious and conscious minds to contemplate on the anonymities of nature. This is of both artistic values, bringing the exquisiteness of nature, captured in a hard-wearing fashion, to one’s discernment, and of real-world value, serving people like James Feldkamp to maintain a reverence for the exquisiteness of the natural world.

According to Jim Feldkamp, nature is undoubtedly the most prevalent category of photography these days. Whether Nature pictures are taken by the vacationing amateur or professionally, the category of Nature Photography goes on sturdy and is here to last forever. The nature photographer, James Feldkamp let things happen naturally and he captures the realism and truth in the actual moment.

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